Water Quality Services in Frederick, MD

If you’re looking for anything water service related, we have you covered! We offer a variety of water services along with heating and cooling services. We also offer plumbing, water heater services, installation, and water filtration service. Water testing is free to our customers in Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas!

Here are some of the water quality services we offer:

Water Filtration

  • Water Filtration Service
  • Low Water Pressure Testing/Repair
  • Free Estimate On Water Testing
  • Free Water Quality Test

Dave’s Mechanical Services, LLC does all things water quality service related. We are a proud member of the Water Quality Association. Our WQA certified professionals are dedicated to the betterment of water quality in Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas. We also believe in educating our community with valuable resources. Learn all about your water, perceptible issues, common contaminants, and FAQs here. For more information on how to improve your water quality, the benefits, and solutions contact us today!

Frederick’s Free Water Quality Testing

Interested in a water filtration system in Frederick, MD? No problem, Dave’s Mechanical Services, LLC can install one today! We also offer free water quality testing for your benefit. During your water quality test, we will check the pH levels and check to see if contaminants are present. If you’re suspecting you need a water quality test, contact us today for an evaluation from one of our specialists. Along with water testing, we can also install a whole house water filtration system.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Frederick

Most people are familiar with the water filtration systems that create great drinking water, but what about the rest of the house? A whole house filtration system ensures that all of the water that enters your home is safe.

Some benefits to whole house water filtration systems include:

  • Health benefits
  • Removes excessive minerals
  • Removes hard water build up
  • Reduces chemical exposure
  • Makes washing of hands, dishes, and clothes more efficient
  • Reduces the amount of soap needed to clean

Whole house water filtration systems are very beneficial to your health, immune system, and overall well-being. If you are interested in a whole house water filtration system, having a water quality test done, or would like to have low water pressure testing done, call Dave’s Mechanical Services, LLC today!