Modernize Your Water Filtration System

Some of you probably have water filtration systems from over a decade ago. It’s time to modernize your system! There is a growing awareness that the water we consume contains such hazards as chemicals, metals, fluoride, and even treated sewage. It is important to test your water quality yearly and upgrade your water filter as needed. If you want the peace of mind that a better, more efficient system can give you, it’s time to upgrade. There are so many new water filtration technologies out there, that we are sure to find one that is a perfect fit in your home.


The W.E.T. system (Water Efficiency Technology) is designed to calculate your home’s water consumption cycles and use only the exact amount of water and salt needed. This saves you money through not only your utility bills but also reduces waste. W.E.T. touts 50% (water and salt) savings compared to other high-efficiency systems. Another really cool thing about W.E.T. is that it has a real-time salt monitoring system. For example, it visibly alerts you if your salt levels get too low. Other features are a savings screen and a regeneration cycle. The savings screen shows you how much you have saved since installing your W.E.T. system. Over time your system can fatigue, so the regeneration cycle refreshes your entire tank. This helps it to maintain a longer life span and maximizes its performance.


Wripli technology is a system of wireless information sharing via an app on your phone. The system digitally monitors your water filtration system and sends all the information to your smartphone. It can also be set up to connect to your local specialist. This is a huge advantage if an issue ever arises. Experts will automatically have all the readings for your filter, without having to even visit your home. Some other alerts that can be sent your phone are information on salt levels and maintenance reminders. You can also set your filter to “vacation mode” if you plan to be out of town for a while, to save you even more money.

Ozone Generator

If you are concerned about the environment, the Ozone Generator might be the new filter technology for you. It is one of the most powerful units for water sterilization on the planet. Yet the only thing it leaves behind is pure oxygen. The system has a very simple and impressive design. It uses electrical charges and air to create the ozone molecules. Once in the filtration tank, different bacterias come in contact with the ozone molecules. The molecules attack the bacteria until they have completely dissipated.


Mixed Media

Each filtration system uses a ‘media’ to filter out impurities in the water. Typically this media consists of elements like gravel, resin, or carbon. In the past, most filters only used one type of media to purify your home’s water. Now we have the capability to address multiple issues with all in a single tank. A mixed media system uses any number of methods (media) to deliver cleaner water into your home. It allows you to customize your filter to specifically fit your home’s filtration needs. Mixed media systems are great if you have a wide range of possible contaminants in your water supply, but still, want to retain the naturally occurring essential minerals.

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